Books: There are hardcover and paperback books in all categories, from animals to sci-fi/fantasies. There is a Large Print section also. We have an audio books section which some residents borrow to use on the way to their summer homes then mail them back later.

Children’s Area: In addition to books, there are puzzles, games and DVDs which are popular to borrow at holiday time when the young ones are visiting.

Classics: In the Reading Room is a section of “oldies but goodies”. Maybe you had to read some when in school and would like to read them again for pleasure. Now is the time.

DVDs: There is a large variety of DVDs to borrow, usually for three days, but those with more than one disc may be signed-out for one week. There is a section of TV series DVDs that you might want to catch up on or re-watch.

Games: In the Reading Room there is a section of many games that you may borrow for a game time in your home.

Magazines: Many residents donate their magazines so others may enjoy them. You will find them in the racks at the end of the book’s isles.

Puzzle Corner: The puzzle corner has a good selection of 300-to-1500-piece puzzles for you to enjoy. There is always a puzzle in progress on the table that anyone is welcome to help put together.

Used Book Sales: The two sales take place in the Zuni Room behind the Library Thanksgiving week and in March. Besides books, there are DVDs, audio books and puzzles available. The proceeds are used to buy books and DVDs.


Carolyn Agee – 480-276-8300